“The book is very inspiring and beautifully written. It was comforting and enjoyable reading and I highly recommend it.”


“Such a beautiful book and story. I could not put it down. Is a must-read for anybody who is having troubles whether its pain from the body or pain in the heart. Thank you for telling your story Bev and sharing it.”


“This book was a answer from God. It reads like one of David’s Psalms and brought me encouragement, many healing tears and much comfort. It reminds me that even though I’m in a shadow of death, there is still much joy in life, and that God has a perfect plan for me and to trust in Him. Bev reminds us that Jesus is still with us, through every moment, heartache & painful trial we experience in this life. I would highly recommend this book for any one who is struggling with the loss of a loved one. You will be forever & greatly blessed!”


I read straight through the book in one sitting.  It’s like the Psalms for someone who is trusting God through times of pain and suffering.  There is no hole so deep that the Lord cannot deliver you out of it.  This is like a day-by-day journal that gives anyone encouragement to trust Him one day at a time!

-Tom & Mary, USA

Channels of Mercy is a wonderful, true story of a woman who went through suffering and pain after an accident and through it all held fast to her faith in Savior Jesus Christ.  Bev shares her personal life experiences, her accident, recovery and healing which really touched my heart!  She has inspired me in her book that even in extreme pain I can trust God to give me His peace, joy, strength and comfort.  I really enjoyed the many heart felt prayers and scriptures throughout the book.

I highly recommend Channels of Mercy to anyone who is going through any pain, trial or suffering.  I guarantee it will be a blessing and inspiration to you.  Thank you Bev for writing Channels of Mercy.

-Maeguerite Wenceslao, USA

I have read both editions of Channels of Mercy.  Both were very inspirational, but the most recent version offers a little more insight and is extremely well done.  This is a must read for anyone who needs encouragement, inspiration or an uplift of their spirit. It is ideal for any Christian or someone who would like to be one.

-John L. Glynn, USA